Alithicon 767 Chain & Cable Lubricant


767 Aerosol Lubricant is an excellent lubricant designed for roller chains, cables, working mechanisms, and open gears. When 767 is applied to roller chains the lubricant spray will penetrate instantly into the pins and bushings. The solvents will then rapidly evaporate leaving each chain link lubricated from the inside out, thus eliminating chain link freezing and chain sprocket jumping.  Roller chain and chain sprocket life is significantly extended. In all applications the long lasting lubricant film from 767 protects against rust and corrosion


767 Aerosol Lubricant is our 2211 Bearing Lubricant, which has been thinned with solvents and pressurized in an aerosol can for easy application. It is a tacky lubricant, which is easy to apply, resists water wash-off, and withstands temperatures of 500°F without melting or dripping.

  • Easy to apply
  • Resists water wash-off
  • OK Timken load rating of 70 lbs, min
  • Greatly reduces wear and extends equipment life

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