Alithicon B-51 Ultra Blue


The B-51 Ultra Blue Synthetic High Temperature Bearing Lubricant is specifically formulated as a high temperature lubricant to be applied where conventional soap thickened or non-melt greases will not provide adequate performance. It is a synthetically thickened grease which employs a highly thermally stable synthetic base oil. B-51 Ultra Blue is not subject to the same failures as soap or clay thickened greases because of the exceptional thermal stability of the base fluid and the nature of the synthetic thickener employed, which is both thermally stable and not a solid. B-51 Ultra Blue is designed for use in travelling grate stoker bearings, dry kiln fan bearings, stack louvers, cooker bearings, overhead rail caster bearings, doctor bearings on Yankee Dryers, flotation dryer bearings, and any other applications where moisture and high temperatures give a difficult lubrication situation.


  • Withstands high temperatures (600°F)
  • Excellent pumpability through centralized systems
  • Completely waterproof
  • Will not melt or sling from bearings
  • Timken OK Load Rating of 100 lbs, min
  • Significantly extends bearing life

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