About Us

Created in 1992, Lubricon has become a trusted supplier through the entire Canadian market. We primarily focus on two product areas:

  • Specialty lubricants and chemicals
  • Base oils and processing aids

We market the lubricants and chemicals predominantly through resellers, and base oils directly. The lubricant and chemical companies we represent in Canada include Ultrachem Inc. (synthetic compressor, gear and heat-transfer oils), U.S. Industrial Lubricants (high temperature chain oils), and IPAX Cleanogel (biodegradable degreasers).
Through our supply base we have access to many other specialty fluids that we may stock for specific customers and applications.
Our warehouse location in Mississauga allows us to provide short lead-times for stocked products. We are able to arrange shipping or customer pick-ups at this location. We can also offer customer specific labeling.
Base oils and electrical insulating oils are supplied primarily from Cross Oil and Paulsboro Refining. Railcar and tank truck deliveries are available from terminals throughout Canada and the United States, which allows Lubricon to offer the right product for its customers while keeping freight costs to a minimum. Base oils are also available in drum and tote quantities required by smaller operations.

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce Lubricon. We welcome any inquiries as to how we can help provide solutions for your lubrication needs.

Why Lubricon

  • Extensive lines of industry proven, synthetic & specialty lubricants and chemicals
  • Technical and sales support from Lubricon and our suppliers
  • Very competitively priced alternatives to OEM brands
  • Supplier or private branding
  • Next day shipment
  • Both standard product line and products unique to your needs in inventory
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