Product Sheets

Click on the product name below to download its product bulletin and specifications. All files are in .pdf format, which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Synthetic Compressor Fluids

Ultrachem Diesters
Ultrachem Polyalphaolefins (PAO)
Ultrachem Coolants
Ultrachem Omnilube Food Grade
Ultrachem Omnilube Long-Life Food Grade
Ultrachem Partial Synthetic Oils
Ultrachem Chemlube Plus 10
Ultrachem PD Blower Oils, Centrifugals & Cleaner

Synthetic Gear Oils

Ultrachem 600 Series
Ultrachem Heavy Duty EP
Lubricon Omnigear EP
Ultrachem Omnilube FGG 1000 Series Food Grade
Ultrachem Omnilube FGG 2000 Series Food Grade

High Temperature Chain Oils

Alithicon 767 Chain & Cable Aerosol
USIL USL-600 & USL-650
Ultrachem Omnilube PG-220 Food Grade

Specialty Greases

Alithicon 2211 & 2212 Bearing Lubricants
Alithicon MegaTherm Grease
Alithicon B51
Omnilube FGM2 Food Grade
Alithicon 767 Chain & Cable Aerosol

Food Grade Products

Ultrachem Omnilube Compressor Oils
Ultrachem Omnilube Long-Life Compressor Oils
Ultrachem Omnilube FGG 1000 Gear Oils
Ultrachem Omnilube FGG 2000 Gear Oils
Ultrachem Omnilube PG-220 Chain Oil
Ultrachem Omnilube FGH 1000 Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Oils
Lubricon SELECT Food Grade AW Hydraulic Oils
Lubricon SELECT FG Air Line Oil
Lubricon SELECT White Oils
Ultrachem Omnilube FGM2 Grease
IPAX Green Unikleen Degreaser (Product Specifications)
IPAX Green Unikleen Degreaser (Sales Bulletin)

Degreasing and Specialty Chemicals

IPAX Green Unikleen (Product Specifications)
IPAX Green Unikleen (Sales Bulletin)
Ultrachem Ultraclean

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