Process Oils

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Lubricon has been supplying Canadian industry with base oils and process oils since 1994. We are the Canadian agent for Cross Oil Refining & Marketing, one of the six remaining North American naphthenic oil producers. Our primary supplier of paraffinic oils and aromatic extracts is PBF Energy. In addition to the Cross Oil and PBF product lines, our supply network enables us to also source base and process oils from other refiners.

Our supply network puts Lubricon in a preferred position to provide a wide range of products to industries that rely on steady, quality supply. Transformer manufacturers, rubber processors, roofing manufacturers, chemical and lubricant blenders are among our satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on our dedication to meeting customer requirements, providing technical expertise and developing long-term supply relationships.

  • Naphthenic Oils
  • Paraffinic Oils
  • Aromatic Oils
  • Electrical Insulating Oil





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