Ultrachem Coolants (PAG/Ester)


Coolant 32 & Ultrachem Coolant:  These are the original polyglycol (PAG)/diester blends developed to replace Sullube® 32 and I/R Ultracoolant® respectively. In use for over fifteen years, these coolants work very well with an 8000 hour life in good operating conditions. Applications of high humidity, heat, or other adverse conditions may result in shorter life.

Coolant 32 PE & Ultrachem Coolant PE:  Developed recently, after the expiration of the patent on Sullube 32 and I/R Ultracoolant, these products utilize a polyglycol pentaerythritol (PE) ester with a unique PAG and additive system designed to replicate the original products. The PE oils offer life comparable to the Sullube 32 and I/R Ultracoolant and should be used for higher temperature operations or adverse conditions.


Normal service life for Coolants is 8000 hours or two years under good operating conditions. The higher the discharge operating temperature, the shorter the operating life of the Coolant.

  • Fully 100% synthetic
  • Polyglycol and ester blend
  • Wide temperature range
  • Extended change intervals
  • Eliminates deposit formation
  • High flash point
  • Cost effective
  • Biodegradable


Temperature vs Coolant Life
185 – 205°F           8000 Hours
210°F                     6000 Hours
220°F                     4000 Hours
230°F                     2000 Hours



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