Ultrachem PD Blower Oils, Centrifugals & Cleaner


Chemlube® 630 and 632 are excellent synthetic PAO based lubricants, in two different viscosities, used for lubrication of positive displacement blowers. The unique additive system offers protection for bearings and gears while maintaining their effectiveness over a long period of time. Suitable for use in Roots®, Sutor Bilt® and Gardner-Denver® PD blowers.

Centrifugal CF Compressor Oil

Chemlube® CF is a highly effective SAE 10, ISO 32, blend of synthetic base fluids designed to withstand the demands of slow moving bull gears and high speed bearings. CF will offer energy savings resulting from reduced friction over traditional petroleum turbine oils, as well as extra protection for long life.


Ultraclean is a highly detergent diester specially formulated as a rotary screw cleaner and system flush. It is safe for use up to 500 hours in these applications, and is soluble in petroleum, PAO, PAG and ester-based lubricants and coolants. Ultraclean is most effective when used at full strength. It may be considered biodegradable, but should be disposed of in accordance with all regulations



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