Lubricon 5000 Series Chain Lubricants


Generally operating under extreme conditions – heat, moisture, dust – chains must be properly lubricated to ensure trouble-free operation. Regular petroleum lubricants must be used in large quantities, leave gummy deposits, and often rely on heavy loadings of solid additives to provide ongoing lubrication. The Lubricon 5000 Series Chain Lubricants are based on synthetic lubricant chemistry, remain liquid at extremely high temperatures and provide natural cleaning and detergency. Deposits are kept to a minimum and the natural detergency and chemical affinity for metal (wettability) ensures the lubricant film penetrates and coats all parts of the chain/chain rail.

Lubrication frequency can be substantially reduced with the Lubricon 5000 Series.  We recommend starting at half the amount required with a regular lubricant and gradually extending the lubrication interval from that point.  Conditions, of course, vary and the ideal frequency must be established by plant trial for each circumstance

These high quality lubricants are available in seven grades of various viscosities and additive combinations, covering a wide range of applications. Each of the 5000 Series oils are industry proven, long-life lubricants.  Your Lubricon representative can help you choose the one best suited to your use.


  • Excellent film strength protection even at elevated temperatures
  • Low volatility
  • Clean evaporation and low evaporation loss
  • High resistance to oxidation breakdown means long-life
  • Applicable through automated systems, drip or swa

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