The following is a partial list of the specialty products Lubricon can make available.

As a result of our policy of only offering proven products from experienced manufacturers, we can access a wide range of high performance lubricants and welcome the opportunity to help solve difficult lubrication problems.

Ultrachem Synthetic Compressor Fluids
Ultrachem offers a full line of compressor fluids, including diesters, polyalphaolefins (PAO), and coolants, among others.

Synthetic Gear Fluids
Ultrachem’s Chemlube 600 Series (non-EP), Chemlube Heavy Duty, and Omnigear (EP) fluids provide a wide range of gear lubricants that resist heat degradation and give excellent gear and bearing protection at economical prices.

High Temperature Chain Oils
High quality synthetic products from USIL (USL 600 & 775) and Ultrachem (Chemlube 224 and 225) are used on chain drives exposed to elevated temperatures in the ovens and furnaces used in insulation and gypsum manufacturing, particleboard, plywood and oriented strand board plants, paint curing lines, etc.


Food Grade Lubricants
Lubricon’s Food Grade line offers compressor, hydraulic, air line, chain and gear oils manufactured from the highest quality food grade approved synthetic and mineral oil base stocks. FG greases for regular and high temperature use, along with a food grade degreaser complete a full line of fluids for food processing operations. All of our food grade products are NSF H-1 approved and carry CFIA ‘n’ status.

Degreasing & Specialty Chemicals
Green Unikleen, a biodegradable general purpose degreaser has been tested, approved, and is used by the Big 3 automakers. One of a small list of products meeting and accepted for use under California’s stringent VOC regulations, Green Unikleen is used for parts washers, finished metal cleaning, vehicle washing, food plant clean-up, and many other tough degreasing jobs. Flushing agents for compressor and hydraulic systems, descalers and concrete removal products are also part of this group of specialty chemicals.

Process Oils
Cross naphthenic oils are used in a wide range of process applications. As their Canadian agent, Lubricon can supply competitively priced, on time process oils for your formulation. Paraffinic oils and aromatic extracts are also available.


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