Suppliers-Logos-3Ultrachem has been servicing U.S. industry with synthetic lubricants for over thirty-five years, in many cases supplying the fluids that equipment manufacturers resell under their own name. We have found these to be economical alternatives to the OEM products and quite competitively priced with other synthetic makers.

Suppliers-Logos-4Founded in 1925, USIL has grown to become a leading supplier of lubricants to the global market. Strong technical expertise and long industry experience supports the quality and wide range of applications available with the USIL high temperature chain oils and food grade lubricants supplied in Canada by Lubricon.

Suppliers-Logos-5IPAX is at the forefront of environmentally safe degreasing systems and has been implemented as a standard for environmental degreasing in automotive, aerospace and metal processing industries. IPAX Green 4 Kleen, an effective, biodegradable, safe to use degreaser carries both the U.S. Green Seal and the Canadian Environmental Choice certifications

Suppliers-Logos-2Cross Oil continues a tradition of being a dedicated, customer-oriented supplier of naphthenic lubricating oils since 1930. Cross naphthenics are produced exclusively at their modern Arkansas refinery incorporating state-of-the-art multistage hydrotreating for producing consistently superior quality oils meeting or exceeding customer demands.

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