Chemlube® Heavy Duty EP Diester Gear Oils


Chemlube® EP Gear Oils consist of five SAE rated, fully 100% synthetic, heavy duty gear oils composed of synthetic ester base fluids for a wide variety of extreme pressure industrial applications and automotive differential applications. Areas of special interest are extreme environmental applications, as well as those where high heat resistance, anti-wear and superior lubricity of enclosed gearboxes is a necessity. The highly polar nature of these ester based gear oils allows them to wet metal surfaces and provide lubrication on start-up after prolonged periods of inactivity.


  • Highest film strength available
  • Reduces operating temperature through reduced friction
  • Rapid lubrication in cold weather
  • May affect some paint finishes, plastics and seals
  • Meets the requirements of:
    • U.S. Steel 224
    • AGMA 250.04
    • SAEJ2360
    • API GL4
    • API GL5
    • Chemlube® 80W carries NSN #9150-01-152-1094


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