Ultrachem Chemlube® 600 Series Multi-Purpose Synthetic Oils


Chemlube® 600 Series have been formulated from PAO synthetic fluids for enclosed gear systems requiring ashless antioxidants, antiwear and mild EP additive systems.  These oils have been designed to provide satisfactory lubrication under hydrodynamic and mild boundary lubrication conditions. They are recommended for gear systems where moderate loads and high temperatures are expected, including worm gears containing soft metals such as bronze, brass and copper.

Chemlube® 600 Series oils are also used as multipurpose oils in such applications as vacuum pumps, compressors and hydraulic fluids. They are similar to petroleum oils in their compatibility to seals, hoses, gaskets and paint.


  • 100% Synthetic Lubricants
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Low Pour Points
  • High Flash Points
  • Increased Thermal & Oxidative Stability


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